Getting paid to do online surveys is becoming increasingly popular. In trying economic times, people are looking for ways to make extra money. Doing online surveys for cash is a legitimate way, but there are a couple of things to watch out for.

You will be offered paid surveys based on your demographics. You will first register with a number of survey companies. You will then be provided with paid surveys based on your race, age, sex, income and where you live.

Those who complete the surveys are rewarded with cash, or are entered into a sweepstakes drawing by the survey company. The winners of the drawing will receive, cash and/or merchandise as compensation.

There are a LOT (literally thousands) of people getting paid to do online surveys. This is because there are millions of surveys to be taken on the Internet. Many pay just a few dollars, but it will add up over the days and weeks. You do want to invest your time wisely, and fill out only the highest paying surveys. Also, work with reputable survey companies only.

You should be aware of this – Frequently while you are filling out a survey, you will be asked to fill out another one. This is based on an answer to a previous question. This can happen several times during one survey.

Obviously this is extra money. But it can be time intensive. You might have budgeted 15 minutes to do a survey. Yet an hour has gone by before you have finished. Just be sure you have enough time whenever you begin a survey.

If you plan to make money by getting paid to do online surveys, try to deal with reputable companies. There are a lot of very good companies online, but there are fraudulent ones too. The rule of thumb is; Never give out your credit card number, and never pay for anything.

The survey companies are to be compensating YOU for providing a valuable service. They have no right to request money from you. If they ask you for money, they will NOT be paying you for the survey.

From time to time you will try to collect your money. You will then discover the survey company no longer exists. Whenever you are in doubt, you can check them out with the Better Business Bureau.

Joining a survey membership site is the simplest and safest way to start getting paid to do online surveys. You will have to pay a one time fee (about $40). You will then have unlimited access to their database of legitimate and high paying survey companies.

The survey companies found in their database are honest and pay well. Your membership also provides you access to their members only forum. That’s where you can discuss and learn about survey companies other members have dealt with while getting paid to do online surveys.

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