First of all, let me begin by saying that ALL LEGITIMATE ONLINE PAID SURVEY SITES ARE FREE.

If a website or company requests a fee – be it a membership fee, processing fee, registration fee, whatever – they are most likely illegitimate companies and are trying to steal your money.  Also, any survey company which requests personal information, such as a bank account number, social security number, credit card number, is most definitely a scam.  Use common sense and don’t divulge this type of information.

Before signing up for any survey company, read the fine print, aka the terms and conditions contract.  Make sure there are no hidden fees or costs associated with signing up.

Be sure you understand their terms and expectations of you, the survey taker.  Is there a time commitment?  Is there a quota you need to fulfill?  When do you get paid?  Is there a penalty for canceling?

Legitimate and honest survey companies will always offer free membership to participate in online paid surveys.  Registration is always free, as well.

There are many good, honest companies survey companies out there.  You just need to use your head before signing up for program which asks for membership fees or personal information they have no right asking for.

Here is a list of legitimate survey companies.  I am always updating the list, so check back often.

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