how to make money at home

Who doesn’t need the extra cash? Whether you have a job or not, small things always come up that needs you to shed some money and having something extra in your pocket wouldn’t hurt. So here are surefire ways how to make money at home that are easy for anyone.

Answer online surveys. There are a lot of market research companies that pays you to answer a questionnaire online about products and services. The result of these surveys will help companies determine what consumers like and don’t like; this way they will know which aspect in their business to improve on and they earn more money. These questionnaires usually have a range of 10 t0 50 pages and some takes an hour to complete. You can usually get $2 – $20 dollars per completed survey depending on its length. For focus groups and specialized surveys, they pay as much as $100 per survey. Payment will be sent through PayPal or as checks. You have to register in their website and the questionnaires will be emailed to you. Not all surveys offer cash. You can opt to get free products and gadgets, earn points for a chance to win big prizes, or get a gift card. Just imagine completing 5 surveys daily, that sure is a good way to earn money from home.

Have a garage sale. Admit it, there is a lot of stuff in your house that just take up space and you can live just fine without.  Having a garage sale is one of the easiest ways to earn money from home. The key to getting a lot of buyers would be to advertise. Post up signs in places that can be seen by the public, whether it’s the Laundromats, grocery stores or near busy streets would be good. You can arrange the items department-store style, group the items by type (ex. Apparels, toys, appliances, knick-knacks, etc.) instead of by pricing. This way it will be easier for the costumers to spot what they want.

Make use of social networking sites. Just think garage sale online. If you are creative and have talent for painting, knitting, embroidery or even an eye for fashion, then this is for you. Take pictures of items you are planning to sell and post them up in the photos section of your own account. All you need to do is add up friends and announce that you have items for sale. Most common wares are hand-painted coasters and plates, apparels, handmade key chains and giveaways. The main factor that attracts people to buy from you would be because that the items you’re selling are unique and personalized with your own touch of style. Remember that the cost for shipping should be paid by the buyer and not you.
These are surefire ways on how to make money at home. Why not try them out now?

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