Finding Legitimate Paid Surveys

In this current economy, there are many people who are looking for ways and means to make extra money and boost their income. The internet has spawned an abundant supply of moneymaking opportunities – some are genuine; others, not really. If you are looking for additional cash sources, then you might have come across the numerous online surveys out there. In fact, you might have tried one or two. If you have not tried these, then you are probably wondering “are paid surveys legitimate”? For every legitimate online paid survey, there exists a corresponding survey scam out there. How will you know when websites offer legitimate paid surveys or not?

Does the website scream “money, money, money” to you? Are they promising you the sun, the moon and the stars simply by answering online surveys? If the answer is yes, head the other direction. If what the website says arouses your suspicion, then move on to the next. Completing legitimate online surveys will pay you money for your time and the information you provide. Nothing more. A legitimate paid survey considers the demographics of the survey respondents. Remember this: not everyone will fit the bill for every legitimate survey, but somewhere out there, someone will fit the bill for some surveys.

Does the website look and feel professional to you? Most business owners know that in the business world – and that includes sites for legitimate online paid surveys – presenting a professional image is important. It is typical for businesses to include testimonials in their websites. They have to; otherwise, how will you know about their many satisfied clients? Unfortunately, some unscrupulous people have no hesitation in putting fake testimonials, awards and guarantees. They will bump up the amount of earnings that you can get by responding to surveys. Look past the hype. They want to get your attention and your money. The websites are designed with high-pressure sales tactics in mind. Read and re-read the fine print.

Does the company ask for a fee to join? What do you get from that fee? There are plenty of legitimate free paid surveys. Why will you pay them for the privilege of answering their surveys? Legitimate surveys will pay you. Period. Of course, the extra cash you get might not be enough for you to quit your day job, but it does add to your income.

Lastly, does the company have records at the Better Business Bureau site? Check to make sure. One or two might be excused, but if you find a lot, steer clear. In the end, use your common sense and follow your gut when it comes to legitimate surveys. There are legitimate surveys for money that can be found.

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