Filling out surveys online for market research companies can be a great way to earn extra spending cash. If a survey is paying $5 to fill out and that takes you 30 minutes, then, simple math tells us that you will make $10 in one hour. If you spend one hour a day doing online surveys then you will make $300 per month. Or, if you prefer, just do one survey a day and make $150 a month.

The nice thing is that it most likely won’t take you 30 minutes to complete a $5 survey. Anyway, the point is that to get paid for filling out surveys, you don’t want to waste time with companies that aren’t legit. Spend time with those that offer cash or give points to redeem for gift certificates. Some sites enter you into sweepstakes to win great prizes; these are okay if they have lots of prizes so the chance to win is greater. So spend your time with the great and good companies.

Here are some companies that I have tested and found to be companies that pay cash and/or offer great prizes:

I’ll be adding to this list as I find survey companies that deserve to make the list.

Overtime, things can change, and so if you find any of these survey sites to be unsatisfactory, leave a comment below so I can take it off the list.

Also on the flip side, come back and share any success stories that you have with these survey sites.

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#1 Jeannie Pitt on 02.23.09 at 5:25 pm

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