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Are you someone who is considering trying to make money taking surveys? If so then you have come to the right place because today we are going to cover a few important topics that can make the difference between being profitable with paid surveys and not making any money at all.

Consider this statistic, of all the people who embark to make money taking surveys as a home business idea only about 5%-10% of those people turn the idea into a cash generating system.

Don’t let this statistic turn you off of the idea. There are a lot of people who are making a great income with paid surveys. The thing is most people just don’t know where to find the high paying surveys, so they become frustrated and give up.

Most people start off by typing into a search engine “how to make money taking surveys and get paid”. Well a search like that will give so many results that the average person has no idea how to sort through all of the information. The fact is that there is a ton of false advertising online.

A common trap that victimizes most people is the “free” survey site offers. These sites claim to give out memberships for free. What they don’t tell you is that an upgraded account will cost a lot of money, their links don’t work and they really just want your personal information so they can spam you with advertisements.

The place to start to make money taking surveys will naturally be the most reputable paid survey site online. Today, that site is called Make Money Taking Surveys. It is the industry leader and an extremely professional operation.

Members of Make Money Taking Surveys gain access to a list of all of the highest paying surveys on the net. On average, their surveys pay anywhere from $10-$45 and only take a few minutes to fill out. Additional resources such as chat rooms and step by step instructions are also available. Some of the many perks include the ability to participate in focus groups (which pay up to $150/hour) and to get paid to view movies.

The average survey at Make Money Taking Surveys pays about $10-$45. You will find that the longer you are a member the higher paying surveys they will start to send you. The price to join is under $40 which you should be able to make very quickly. Being the industry leader, Make Money Taking Surveys allows you to try to site out risk free for 60 days.

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