Watching Out For Online Survey Scams

Who isn’t looking for a way to make extra cash right now? Of course, everyone wants to earn an extra buck or two. On the other hand, this is exactly the reason why there are plenty of online survey scams out there nowadays. Unscrupulous people are out to take advantage of unsuspecting folks whose only desire is to earn additional money by advertising online surveys for money scams.

What makes online surveys attractive? For starters, these surveys are usually advertised as something you can do at home. That appeal is very strong, especially for people who work in offices and looking for something they can do at home. Imagine staying at home, and earning money! They usually promise big money in return for getting input and contribution from you. After all, how can you resist? They want your opinion! At this point, it makes you feel like your opinion is worth something, so you end up falling for it hook, line and sinker. More often than not, they include testimonials from people who are supposed to be just like you, yet earning so much money simply from responding to online surveys.

Not all online surveys are scams; of course there are legitimate online surveys as well. But remember that you get paid for what you supply. Do not believe the hype surrounding online surveys. The sales pitch wants you to believe that you can leave your day job with the amount of money you will earn by answering online surveys. This is the fundamental nature of most online surveys for money scams. You will need to sign up with as many online survey sites, and respond to many online surveys to earn much money.

Be careful when the site requests a fee to join. You can find legitimate free paid surveys. If you have to pay, make sure they are clear on what the fee is for, and what you from it. Better yet, ensure that they have a clear refund policy that is explicitly stated on their website and in correspondence with the company. Last but not least, check the company with the Better Business Bureau to find out if any complaints have been lodged against the company. Do not get taken in by high-pressure sales tactics to bait you. They will appeal to your emotions. Use your common sense and protect yourself. You do not need to be victimized by online survey scams when you are aware of what’s going on.

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