Don’t Be Scammed By Fake Paid Online Surveys

Everybody loves getting the chance to earn a large amount of money with the minimum amount of effort, so it’s no surprise that more often than not, people do get scammed out of their precious time, energy, and perhaps even money. We are usually told that when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, but we still like to hope anyway that something that sounds wonderful could actually be real and legitimate.

Take online surveys. One of the most popular online activities that generate income is signing up to become part of a survey network and being able to respond to surveys that are relevant to you–an act that will instantly earn you some cash. It sounds totally incredible, and a lot of people leap at the opportunity to do so without checking things twice. Now we’re not saying that paid surveys are not real; there are many of them that are legitimate. Yet there are just as many paid survey scams floating out there, if not more, all of them eager to take advantage of people who really, really need to make some extra money.

If you really want to take part in paid surveys but don’t want to get burned, you must remember that you need to be smart. You wouldn’t want to work hard to participate in surveys and end up not receiving anything for your work apart from promises of payments and prizes, with the final result being that the paid survey program has folded and leaving everyone in the cold. Look out for some telltale signs. Don’t get taken in by glowing testimonials, for instance, and don’t readily believe the evidence these websites provide, which usually come in the form of screen shots of payouts distributed or received by members. You should also look around for reviews of paid online survey programs out there. Many other people have made the leap and stumbled when they realize that they were just taken in by the paid survey scam.

Another surefire indication that a paid online survey program is a scam is when they ask you to pay a membership fee. Legitimate paid survey services are free and will never ask you to pay anything.

So avoid being the victim of paid surveys online scams, contact the Better Business Bureau to find out if complaints have been filed about any paid survey companies you hear of, and always scour the Internet for related discussions and reviews.

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