Send Earnings is a great survey/market research site. Its quick and easy to sign up and you can begin taking surveys immediately after clicking the activation link in the confirmation email. The perfect ingredient for a good survey site to become a member of and use.This site also gives a $5 signup bonus just for signing up! Click Here to sign up now! It is a market research site that gives members surveys that pay cash.

I signed up for this site in just under two minutes which earned me my $5 signup bonus and then I filled out my general profile information in just under one minute which netted me another 50 cents. So I earned $5.50 in less than 3 minutes. Keep in mind that you have to fill out enough surveys to make at least $30 before you can request your money. But this is not a huge deal because you can take a handful of surveys and get your account up to $30 dollars within a few days.

As far as I understand, for every survey you fill out, you get entered into a sweepstakes to win a $50,000 sweepstakes. Now, my guess is the chances of winning that is small and I wouldn’t focus on it too much, but it would be a nice bonus for whomever wins.

Steps to signing up:

  1. Create a new email that you use just for taking surveys. You will receive extra emails that you don’t want cluttering your personal email’s inbox. Also, it will be easier to manage your emails that offer surveys if you have them in one place without other personal emails to distract you.
  2. Go over to Send Earnings right now to fill out the new member sign up form.
  3. After hitting submit you’ll see a screen telling you to “Please Check Your Email NOW! Go into your survey email and click on the activation link that you received.
  4. At that point $5 will be credited to your sendearnings account and you’ll see an offer to complete your first survey which will be asking information about your general profile which will net you another $0.50. The more information you give, the more potential you have to qualify for surveys.
  5. At this point you can go to the members homepage screen (you’ll find a link in the left side navigation) and start taking surveys.

I hope this Send Earnings review has been helpful and now you can rest assured that signing up for sendearnings is not a scam but a legit market research and survey website.

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