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Waking up in the morning these days is quite a challenge knowing that tomorrow you might lose your job. With prices going up, taxes soaring, and many companies getting unstable it is quite a challenge not to worry about the future. In the advent of recession many people are finding it more and more necessary to find part time jobs that they can do after work. One of the most popular ways to earn additional cash days are paid surveys.
The premise of this job is that you can get cash for surveys that you complete. Just a few minutes of answering some questions can earn you from as low as $1 to as much as a $100. A lot of companies are now opting for the less expensive but wider coverage of the internet to know what their consumers think about their services, products, or about their companies.
Getting cash for surveys is an interesting, fun and easy way to add some cash to your budget and there are a number of sites that are willing to get your membership for free. Of course, there are also sites where you would need to pay in order for you to be a member and get the chance to be picked as a respondent in surveys.

The process is quite the same for all surveys sites. First you would need to register. After filling in your name and some information, demographic questions would be asked in order for you to be matched to certain surveys that need respondents under your category. Once the site has a survey that would fit you, an email invitation would be sent to you. This invitation would contain the information for the survey: the link for the survey, the length, and the compensation you would be getting after. Some sites would also include the percentage of you qualifying for the survey.
The compensation would vary from site to site. It could be in check sent directly to you, through PayPal, gift certificates, some through drawings and prizes. Some would also create a user account where you could accumulate cash or points which can be exchanged for cash, gift certificates or prizes. After you reach a certain number of points, you will be able to cash out and collect your compensation.

While you can get cash for surveys in the comfort of your own home and may earn you hundreds, it is not advisable to make it as a replacement of a stable job. There would be a month where you would get fewer email invitations and months where you would get more. This extra income should only be considered as it is: extra income.

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